Beyond the Box

Connecting young citizens to opportunity



Our mission is to help build a society that is inclusive of every young citizen.  We are Social Value innovators, dedicated to change. We empower our clients to design projects and programmes that approach Social Value delivery in a unique way.

We help clients maximise the value they create, involve the local community, gain competitive advantage and enhance communications to gain funding and contracts.

We understand that the guidelines laid out for Social Value commitments are often vague and vary from one local authority to another, leaving small and medium size businesses asking, “what do they want to see from our Social Value delivery?”. At Beyond The Box consultants, we see this as an opportunity to pave the way in innovation and focus on a localised approach.

Whether you are looking to design a long-term engagement project or a one off workshop, we’ll ensure we design a project with real impact, working in collaboration with young people.  

We know that many businesses want to engage with young people through their work, but often they simply don’t know where to start, that’s where Beyond The Box steps in.  


Can young people really feel apart of their community if we never ask for their input?




Paul Karakusevic - Director of karakusevic carson archiects

“We have worked with Neil for 3 years on a range of social value projects while he was leading the ‘Building Futures’ programme at the Stephen Lawrence Trust. Together we developed a social value agenda and Neil implemented the training, bursaries and educational benefits to a wide range of A Level students, university students and graduates. Neil has been and will remain an inspiration to the Practice and the many students who benefitted from his knowledge, contacts, professionalism and enthusiasm”.

Dian Small - london regional director of The royal INSTITUTE of BRITISH architects

“Having worked alongside Neil, I’ve experienced first hand how he designs and develops innovative, young person focused projects, built on the foundation of respect. He is emotionally invested in the cause and the people he is providing the service too, he builds lasting relationships with businesses and young people, connecting the two perfectly”.

Larry Botchway - student at the Royal College of art london

“From the moment I met Neil he ensured I was as engaged as possible, he connected me with mentors and invited me to a number of events and workshops. Not only did Neil direct me to activities, he also acknowledged my ideas and supported me in order to pursue them. In 2017, I approached him with a project idea, which aimed to redesign forgotten spaces. Within days, Neil contacted a number of potential organisations that could support the idea and arranged meetings and potential site visits. This one small example shows how much he genuinely cares about young people and our ideas. I can’t think of anyone who has helped push and change my career more than Neil, without his zeal and support, I genuinely have no idea where I would be right now.”